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We know who you are because we've been there,

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We serve with enthusiasm and pride, in doing so we better serve and represent our community.

ACCIDENT ACTION NETWORK is a full service, dynamic and trustworthy Cooperative select group of LAW FIRMS that specialize in a variety of Personal Injury Disciplines. We have provided complete legal services to the New York, New Jersey and Long Island  area for over 28 years.  We have over 100 Lawyers and paralegals with experience and expertise ready to help "YOU", our client.  By working with our exceptionally talented team of lawyers our clients achieve remarkable results



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Accident Action Network

Have an  Accident case on your hands?  We are ready to help!   Accident Action Network has lawyers and a dedicated  SERVICE CENTER ready to help our clients with any questions in New York, New Jersey and Long Island areas.  We are ready  to extend our legal expertise to help clients with their cases no matter how big or small.





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Car Accident Victims

Beware of Scammers called "RUNNERS"

After a Car Accident, you may receive a call from an unknown person claiming to be from the Hospital, Doctor's Office or a Lawyer's Office.


These scammers are called "RUNNERS" and they are violating the law.  "RUNNERS" may offer you cash to sign up with a lawyer and send you to a doctor.

THIS IS ILLEGAL!  It's done to fraudulently bill the medical insurance companies.

"RUNNERS" are Criminals,​

signing with them will not only hurt your personal injury case but you may get into a legal problem.

Problem Solvers

We believe that cooperation is a critical component of any profitable organization. Cooperation between Lawyers, Doctors, Insurance Companies and of course the most important person YOU, our client. 

For decades we realized that the basic tenets of cooperation had become convoluted.

We reset the whole approach and created

Accident Action Network,  based on FOUR core fundamental beliefs: Collaboration,Teamwork, Partnership and Results.  Each one of these is a critical building block to guaranteeing success for You, our client.

We’re different from most.  We listen to your problems and tirelessly work with you, your needs and concerns.  Our team of Lawyers  work toward an effective solution.  We then  execute flawlessly to obtain a verdict favorable to you.

We value our relationship, you as an individual and accident victim.  Our goal with all our clients is to establish a mutually beneficial partnership that lasts a lifetime.

   Welcome to the Family, Accident Action Network


Welcome to the


Accident Action Program

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Medical Assessment

Documentation of the Injury

The most important factor to determine the value of any personal injury case is the damages or the severity of the Injury.  Injuries must be documented by the narrative reports and testing  of the treating physician  or disability assessment healthcare specialist.  These Doctors and Professionals specialize in the injuries resulting from automobile accidents.  The more severe the injury, the greater monetary compensation for damages the Lawyer can demand from the insurance company.

The secret to getting the maximum monetary compensation for your accident case is:

            1. A lawyer that does not sell out!

           2. Finding a knowledgeable Healthcare Provider that understands Car Accident Cases and Disability Assessment, so that your accident case is well documented for presentation to the insurance company. 



Driver     Passenger     Cyclist    Motorcycle       Pedestrian       Premise  Construction     Slip and Fall

We work closely with YOU, our client to provide 

Legal Services that are designed  specifically for your  needs.   Take a look below at the services we offer.


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Types of Accidents

​​ Driver/Passenger

If you are a driver or a passenger and your automobile is struck by the negligence of another driver, you will be entitled to make a claim for your injuries and medical expenses.​​

The passenger in an automobile involved in an accident will always have the right to make a claim for injuries sustained in the accident. 

The passenger under normal circumstances would never be at fault.


All automobiles must yield the right of way to the pedestrian. Regardless of circumstance, even if the pedestrian had a red light or was not in the crosswalk, the injured person has the right to make a claim.

Most pedestrians involved in an automobile accident are struck due to the driver's aggressive driving and or failure to be cautious.  The pedestrian always has the right to make a claim for his injuries and medical benefits.



Automobiles must share the road and yield to bicycles, mopeds, scooters and motorcycles.  Cyclists injured in a car accident have the right to make a claim and get compensation for their injuries. The injuries of cyclists are usually much more severe due to the lack of protection.

​​​Automobile drivers that are aggressive, fail to yield and invade bicycle lanes or carelessly open car doors into oncoming cyclists are totally at fault.​​



 Work related injuries can be very difficult.  Finding the right attorney is  the key.  We will determine who is responsible and hold them accountable.  Responsibility can depend on many factors including hazardous practices, worksite dangers, faulty design and or malfunctioning equipment, poor hiring practices and inadequate supervision


​Do I have a case?

You have a case if you're not at fault and you have injurries that we can document by your medical visits.

What is my case worth?

The worth of the case depends on the insurance

policy and your injuries



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ACCIDENT ACTION NETWORK has been a Cooperative Lawyer Network for over 28 years.  We have at your disposal over 150 lawyers and paralegals with the experience and expertise to get you  maximum benefits.  We will guide you  through this difficult hardship.  Accidents can be life changing and having an expert Lawyer  to navigate you through all the paperwork is needed. 

Every case has merit, everyone is important to us.

Professionalism, Trustworthiness and Honesty are our values.  Having values means nothing unless you  follow  through with them.  We are here to help and will do the best we can for you, your family and friends.



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